Discover the latest trends in luxury apartments for rent at the newest Edward Rose (Property Manager) community in Morrisville, NC. Located in the heart of the Research Triangle Park, Avellan Springs Luxury Apartment Homes reflect the way discerning renters want to live. It starts with an incredible location—Avellan Springs is situated near Brier Creek, minutes from RDU International airport and is only a ˝ mile away from access to Interstate 40/540 and NC 147. Enjoy an easy commute to Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, or Chapel Hill.

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  Person Avellan Springs Apartments
  City Morrisville, NC
  Zip Code 27560
  Address 4551 Crown Parkway
  Phone Number (919) 294-0900

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Avellan Springs Apartments

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Before I begin, let me give you the TL;DR.

--You SHOULD NOT, under any circumstances, consider living here! --


- You will most likely get an apartment that no one has ever lived in before.


- You may not get the apartment you selected. Our selected apartment was switched on us one day prior to move in. We had to take it because we could find no other place to live in a days notice.

- You will move into a construction site. You will hear loud construction noises at all hours of the day, you will come home to find debris in the road and in the parking lots and nothing on the property is completely finished. Our apartment was a MESS when we moved int. We found nearly 2 lbs of nails, screws, fasteners and glass all over our stairs, in our apartment and on our balcony. There was paint on everything when we moved in.

The painters didn't tape off or cover anything so the new stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. All had paint flecks on them. Even all the light switches and the power receptacles had to have paint scraped off. We had to have our kitchen floor replaced prior to moving in it was damaged so badly. We spent the first weekend cleaning our new apartment.

- Your apartment WILL BE LOUD! The construction is poorly done. You will absolutely hear, plain as if they were in your room, your neighbors. You will here them talking, walking around, using the bathroom, EVERYTHING!

- You may move in and find the services you agreed to pay for are not available. We agreed and paid to have the internet and a washer and dryer available. Neither was available when we moved in and we were forced to take our laundry to cleaners for the first week. The amount of work it took us to get the internet hooked up and a washer and dryer installed was amazing! It took over a week and another month before they gave us our money back for the days the services that were not available.

- Your internet connection will be HORRIBLE. You are stuck going with the services they provide. It will be to expensive for what you get, it will be insecure, it will be managed poorly, and you will most likely not get support for days after you call for help. They will mostly likely never help you on the weekends either. You get a router, they give you a wireless network name that is your apartment number and a wifi password that you can't change.

Do not get comfortable using the wireless for banking because anyone could have your network password. You can't configure the router to use a different channel or anything else technical. Expect strange issues with Netflix, things like Google complaining and requiring you to enter captchas all the time because they see strange behavior on your network and lots of other headaches!

- You will find a property were people are comfortable smoking, partying and raising hell because there is nothing to stop them. We just enjoyed listening to our neighbors party for 5 hours last Thursday and got to see them litter the grounds with dozens of cigarettes and take random bathroom breaks all over the grass. Today one of the leasing agents spent a good long time in conversation with 2 contractors who were all smoking all the while and going in and out of the unfinished club house.

I'm making a note of this because it's supposed to be a non-smoking property and not even the leasing agents care to enforce this.

- You will most likely have a bug problem. We had bug problems on day one. We had beetles and other weird bugs all throughout our apartment and we were simply told they were working on it. It's gotten a little better over the last month but not by much. They simply, and admittedly, did not have pest control on contract. Thats right, no pest control prior to September 2015.

- You will find a lack of maintenance support. When we moved in we noted tons of issues (a lack of caulk anywhere in the apartment, a broken bath tub, a huge gap under our front door because it was hung incorrectly, etc.) and were told they didn't have any maintenance staff.

- I've ran out of space but I could go on. Run away from avellan!

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