Our property management offers the following services:

Rent collection
Tenant selection
Deposit handling
Tenant notices
Documenting post-tenancy condition
Cleaning and repairs, as needed
24/7 Emergency on-call service
Premier Website listings
Lawn maintenance and snow removal

We handle all day-to-day operations of your properties, including, but not limited to those listed above.

We are highly qualified:

Specializing in using Section 8 guaranteed rent for selected properties
Better Business Bureau "A" rating
Most vacancies filled within 2-3 weeks

Using property management frees up more of your time - We do the work for you!

Benefits of using Celtic Properties Property Management Services:

Reduced vacancy time
No more headaches
No phone calls
Need to sell? Sell your property with our "Rent to Own" services
Eliminating bad tenants
We will beat competitors' rates!

Serviced Areas

  • All of the Will County area of Illinois

Payment Options

  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, Discover, Financing Available, MasterCard, Money Orders, Personal Checks, Travelers Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  City Joliet, IL
  Zip Code 60435
  Address 3100 Theodore Street Suite 100
  Phone Number (815) 730-1500
  Fax 815-726-4800

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Absolutely none!
  • Over $20,000 tenant property damage due to Celtic's management negligence.

I will not be able to express how horrible this company is and the complete lack of basic business acumen on the part of Tim McGinnis and his assistant, Donna. In general, they were consistent only in their inability to provide any of the services contracted and paid for in full. They cannot be reached during normal business hours via phone or via email and have as many excuses as bad tenants for why they do not collect rent, do not honor requests for eviction, and do not do their jobs! Don't be confused, they are more than willing to charge landlords for evictions that they do not execute and you will not receive credits back from them ever for services promised and contracted for but not delivered. They just take your money and run. Though they did indicate that for several hundred more dollars, i.e., in addition to the $700 that was suppose to cover eviction from start to finish, they are more than willing for "just a couple hundred more" to provide another eviction process on the same tenants.

Tenant selection provided for $299 did not include the agreed background, credit or rental history check. Tenant was selected by Tim McGinnis because "Donna says they are very nice." Seriously? Cursory search per Will County Clerk website by me revealed an order of protection against, an armed robbery case, a domestic battery case, and three previous evictions of the tenants they "selected". They refused to provide a fully executed mgt contract, refused to provide fully executed tenant lease agreement, refused to address concerns about their hands-off mgt policy, refused to provide repair receipts or an accurate accounting of funds, and the list goes on and on!

If you are a bad tenant then this is most definitely the company to lease a property with. If you are a property owner there is only one thing for you to do regarding Celtic Properties and Joliet / Lockport Rentals - RUN AWAY!!! Run fast and run far!

Would you recommend this business to a friend? No, not even to an enemy.
Value for money: You will be paying for services you do NOT receive and will not receive services you request!
Service & support: You will experience an extreme failure to communicate from Tim and Donna!

Value for moneyCharged repeatedly for repairs not completed, e.g.
Service & supportNever received contracted services or support.
QualityLow quality - Tim & Donna are SHYSTERS
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • NONE
  • Negligent, Non-Communicative, Lazy, Unskilled

Do not go to these people for any property management needs. Celtic lies about costs and timetables. The manager, Tim, lies to subcontractors and owners about communication between the two. I owned two buildings that they "managed" and within six months I had to foreclose. They did not acquire a single tenant in that entire time while at the same time claiming thousands of dollars in repair costs.

I sent repeated emails asking for a simple monthly statement and received no response. I would call and when someone did answer I would be told that someone would get back to me with answers and no one would return a call. Over six months while attempting to contact them at least three times a week by both phone and email, I received no communication from them; even when (as I later found out) one of the buildings was broken into three times. I was never notified and they didn’t even bother to file a police report.

I began to receive tickets and citations from the village and came to find out that Celtic had not even been cutting the grass. They were supposed to handle an eviction and five months later the tenant was still living there never having paid any rent. I spoke to a subcontractor for Celtic and he informed me that Tim had told him that I never answer my phone and had said no to any improvements, when in fact I had already given Celtic thousands of dollars up front to make repairs with.

This “company” is irresponsible and their negligence is a blatant breach of the contracts they enter into with property owners. Find someone else to do business with.

Value for moneyThey do little to no work and take no responsibility
Service & supportNever returned a phone call or email
QualityIn six months they did not sign a single new tenant
LocationA dilapidated building the size of a public toilet
Overall ratingPoor