FewTek, Inc. is a full service water submetering and utilities billing company serving multi-family communities including townhomes, condominiums, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, as well as multi-unit retail and commercial developments since 1998.

We can handle the most sophisticated installation and/or water billing project and provide truly personalized service to residents and property owners and managers. We have experience in installation, trouble-shooting and retrofitting a full range of metering systems from the high-tech Radio Frequency systems to the low-tech manual read systems.

We are a one-stop SUBMETERING installation and water billing company providing services to all types of master metered communities.

We can:

Help you plan and design a pre-construction system for a new community.
Develop a plan for retrofitting an already existing community.
Provide all types of municipal grade meters and related materials for your installation.
Work with your plumber or provide a plumber to do the installation or retrofit.
Provide water billing services for developing communities.
Take over water billing services from another billing service with whom you are dissatisfied.
We have access to all meter technologies, from the visual read to radio frequency systems that can be read from our office and everything in between.
Our water billing system is efficient and runs on schedule.
Our customer service personnel are knowledgeable and polite. We provide toll free calling from anywhere in North America.
Our reports are clear and provide you with the information you want when you want it.
Property Managers and Owners have toll free access to top management 24/7.

Serviced Areas

  • Florida, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota, Naples

Contact Details

  City Dunedin, FL
  Zip Code 34698
  Address 2539 Gary Circle #201
  Phone Number (727) 736-0533
  Tollfree 888-455-0277

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Submetering is a system that allows property managers or owners of multi-family communities to charge for water usage based on actual consumption. Submetering benefits multi-family communities by reducing the overal community usage, allowing the community to recapture utility costs, simplifying the annual budget process by removing water costs from it, and providing the fairest way to charge residents for their water usage.