Utah property management services for residential, commercial and HOA properties. When looking into Utah property management and comparing Froerer Real Estate Inc. with other property management companies, you will come to the same decision that hundreds of real estate investors have, we offer better property management services in Utah than any other company. We are one of the oldest Utah real estate brokerage’s that is still in business and has been since 1914.

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* Full Service Utah Property Management and Real Estate Investment
* Rent your Utah property in 3 weeks (we manage over $100,000,000 worth of real estate and less than a 4% vacancy rate)
* No Set up Fees
* Screening prospective tenants with credit and background checks
* Collect rents and continue tenant relations, lease renewals, property inspections, etc. 

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  Person Froerer Real Estate Inc. Property Management
  City Ogden, UT
  Zip Code 84401
  Address 2600 Washington Blvd
  Phone Number (801) 621-2121

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Utah real estate services since 1914. Search the local MLS, find a home for rent or for sale, get information on our management services.

  • I would not recommend this business

Froerer Property Management was the company we hired July 2014 to manage our South Ogden single family home. I can commend this company for getting the house rented within a week of hiring them; however, they put slobs in our house who would not take their trash out to the curb for weeks and allow it to overflow and blow all over the neighborhood. Froerer Property Management would also need to be reminded repeatedly to complete work orders such as fix the gutters, turn on the sprinklers, fix the gates, paint the trim.

In February 2015, a hot dog trailer (to sell hot dogs at events) appeared in the driveway. We asked the property manager in March to have it removed because it is an eyesore. The property manager states per city ordinances, the tenant can park it there. Well, per my lease agreement anything I do not like and ask to be removed, must be removed. We've asked the property manager four times to get it removed or store it out of site.

In March 2015, our neighbors informed us that there are 2 men living at the house. There are only 2 women and 3 children on the lease. Two more men would put the occupancy over the limit, but also breaches the contract because these men are not on the lease. We asked the property manager to investigate. He came back with the men were there for lunch and that the neighbors are discriminating. We pressed the property manager to investigate further in the coming weeks because we were convinced those men live there. The property manager said he would follow up, but then we would never hear from him. We would then remind the property manager about our request and he would say he would look into it and get back with us. This has been going on since 3/14/2015. He continues to avoid giving us a status update as to the men, their vehicles, removing the hot dog cart, and the rusty unregistered boat that sits on the RV pad. I've also attempted to contact the owner of this business to impress upon his employee to tend to our property and he has not responded either.

In January 2015, there was a break in at the property. Recently I have obtained the CSI report detailing the break in. The one man's name who I have been alleging lives there, is included in the report and he admits to the officer that he lives there.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • none
  • many

In a 1 year time period this company:
-did not bring in the tenant, we found them with a ksl ad
-did not return multiple calls from our tenants
-did not act promptly or properly notify us of maintenance issues
-did not approve electrical work with us before hiring someone to do it (our home builder would have covered the work with their own electrician). We were sent a bill and when we refused to pay because we did not approve, we had to threaten a lawsuit before they begrudgingly owned the mistake.
- did not post an ad on their own website for a whole week when our home became available to rent again. We had already posted a ksl ad and that's all they did in a 1 week period. (2 ksl ads for the same house!)
- routinely do not answer the phone, or if they do, you are put on hold for a long time.
- nobody is on the same page there, multiple people work the office but nobody knows what the other has done or is doing. VERY poor communication within this business.

Huge waste of time and money.

Value for moneyWould rather manage home myself- out of state, than sign new contract.
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would recommend this business
  • Great communication and service

I purchased a home through Froerer Real Estate 3 years ago and have been working with them as my property management company ever since. They always respond quickly to emails and phone calls, I have been very satisfied with their service and the renters have been great.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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When you invest in real estate, it does not stop at the purchasing stage, especially if you intend to use it for profit. Our property management services in Utah will ensure it does not stop there so you maximize your investment. Professional services get the job done and we take pride in providing the best in the state. We have greatly improved our strategies and processes over the years. Our longevity in the business enables us to offer property management services that will give you peace of mind.

Froerer Real Estate has been in the business for more than 100 years. All throughout, we have been recognized for our award-winning services, including residential property management in Salt Lake City, Utah. We make it a point to act in your best interests, helping you make informed decisions about your property. We take pride in providing unparalleled customer service. Communication is essential in these conditions, which is why we make sure to work with you every step of the way. Because we have been serving clients in Utah for more than a century, our strategieshave been honed, allowing us tosecurerentals for your property in three weeks' time.

Many people are afraid to purchase real estate. There are many things to consider in today's real estate market, as well as legalities to deal with when making a purchase. Here are some suggestions to help navigate the world of buying real estate today. Always have a trusted friend with you when looking at homes, even if you are shopping exclusively for yourself - this is someone other than an agent. By taking along someone who has no ownership interest in the property, they can look at the property from a non-biased point of view and may notice faults in the property that you may not have noticed.

Froerer Real Estate has been recognized for its award-winning services and that includes commercial property management in Utah. We make sure that your property is safe and secure 24/7, maximizing the value of your assets through our meticulous management. We know what is effective and what is not for clients when it comes to commercial property management. We work in partnership with you to help you achieve your goals. From tenant applications to periodic maintenance, we unburden you with such responsibilities and take time to understand your concerns on tenancy, costs, stability, and profitability.