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Equipment Inspection
Property Services
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Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Property, Commercial, and Asset Inspection Services

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • American Rental Association
  • York Builders Association
  • Society of Field Inspectors

Serviced Areas

  • PA, MD, WV

Payment Options

  • Credit Terms Available, Money Orders, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Mike Shively
  City Mount Holly Springs, PA
  Zip Code 17065
  Address 705 W Pine St
  Phone Number (717) 856-1787

Business Representative

Mike Shively


Over 20 years inspection experience.

Products & Services

Property Management

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Property Management

Available Services Include

Servicing of all Inquires and Complaints
Quick response and resolution to all inquires and complaints. 24/7/365.
We keep a detailed record of all communication.

Collection of all Fees and Rents
Collection of rent from tenants
Collection of all association fees from unit owners
Collection of all coin-operated revenue
Take action on all delinquent accounts

Coordination with licensed Realtor.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Improvements
Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
Plan and coordinate all capital improvements for the property
Coordinate all lawn care, snow removal and trash removal
Provide common area cleaning service, tenant cleanout & prep for rental.

May self perform as needed to protect your profits, handle security issues, or save time.

Tenant cleanout and prep for next rental.

Accounts Payable
Coordinate getting bids, executing any agreements & contracts, and issuing and purchase orders
Paying invoices

Accounting and Banking
Custodial care of checking account
Track all debit and credit accounting entries

Working with owner / association, create working budget for property
Generate a long-term plan for reserves and capital improvements

Reporting and Record Retention
Monthly detail on ledger entries
Monthly detail of income statement
Annual reporting, structured for tax reporting
Maintain all historical records and backup of automated systems

Professional Services
Maintain account relationships with attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and Realtors.