Whether you're a native of Idaho Falls, or just moving here for the 1st time, the team at Reliable Property Management., wants to assist you feel at home in one of our homes or apartments. The people of Idaho Falls are known for their friendliness and warmth.

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  City Idaho Falls, ID
  Zip Code 83404
  Address 1809 East Seventeenth Strt
  Phone Number (208) 535-0799

  • I would not recommend this business

I don't even know where to begin!! Renting from this company was the worst decision I ever made. I cannot believe how rude they were the ENTIRE time I rented from them, even when I was paying them! I can't believe they are still in business and worse yet is they have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau! I filed a complaint half an hour ago and I hope it damages them big time but with all the complaints on Yahoo! why aren't there any at the BBB? My experience with them went from start to finish like this: when we were finally approved to move in, nobody would come do the walkthrough with us, so we did it ourselves. We found that the dryer vent had been SHEETROCKED OVER!

How do you not notice that? And better yet it took them TWO WEEKS after we let them know to come fix it. You all know that that's A LOT of laundry that we couldn't do. While we lived there we found excessive amounts of black mold that made us sick and when I called, they did NOTHING. We also had problems with our neighbors taking up all the parking and complained multiple times and they didn't care. As soon as our lease was up we left. I asked for a list of the money they spent on repairs out of our deposit and they refused, which shows how crooked they are. I fought them for it and they finally agreed. I also asked them for a list of reciepts because it would be just like them to take money that they "spent on repairs" but didn't really use it for repairs.

When I got the list back there were tons of awful and ridiculous charges. I got less than half of my deposit back. I tried to fight them for it and I talked to Barb at the office and she wouldn't listen to a word I said, then she yelled at me and hung up the phone! The only reason they do this to people is because the amount of money they take isn't enough to hire an attorney over, so there is nothing anyone can do about it! They are sick disgusting people and I will absolutely NEVER rent from them again.

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With twenty years of experience and over 600 properties at Reliable Property Management we know that finding the right property can make all the difference. Feel free to browse through our listing for current and upcoming vacancies, or to give us a call if you want to walk through one of our rentals. Having a property manager that you can rely on is essential. We understand the importance of finding the right tenant, of making sure rent is paid on time, and especially of keeping the property maintained.

Please describe your property. For example, if it's a single-family home include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, state of repair, etc. If it's a multi-family unit please include the number of units in the property, state of general repair, how many vacancies there are, etc.

Please note: you are financially responsible for the full 30 days after we have received the notice, even if you are out of the unit before the end of those 30 days. When something is clean it means there is no dust, hair, bugs, markings, crumbs, stuck-on food, etc on any given surface. Please be aware of areas you may not normally clean, for example: windowsill tracks, drawer tracks, the cupboard under the sink, the front and edges of cabinets, etc.

Do NOT flush anything besides toilet paper (such as feminine hygiene products, paper towels, "flushable" wipes, etc) down the toilet. As explained in the lease, it is the tenant's responsibility to clean and monitor any mold in the unit. Mold likes warm, damp places, so to prevent mold make sure each room, especially bathrooms and the kitchen, are well-ventilated. Keep furniture a few inches away from the wall to help prevent mold from growing in bedrooms and the living room. If you see that mold is starting to grow wipe the affected area with cleaner (baking soda and vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, bleach water, other cleaners, etc).

Before you begin, please read through our rental qualifications below. All applications are reviewed on a first-come basis and we hold each applicant to these standards equally. After you apply be prepared to provide proof of income and additional materials as requested. The application will not be processed until all required information is submitted. Each application is $30.00, and can be paid in cash at the office or through our Pay Online link under the Tenant tab. The fee is NOT refundable.