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1. They do not respond to any correspondence or phone call. Always get voicemail when you call... Ponzi! 2. Charge homeowners $1 (each guest) for parking pass. Cannot make error or scratch pass or your guest will be two $175.00... yes I have proof! 3. They do not state on parking pass

I recently fired SPPM as the property manager of my two rental properties for the following reasons: 1. Extremely bad, often rude and condescending service to my tenants and myself. 2. Not returning phone calls or emails for weeks at a time. 3. Extremely unreliable, making promise after

Utilize this company they are very professional. We're very happy with the services

Difficult to get a response when asking a question via email

Hedgerow properties, a fare warning. I was a tenant of theirs for 5 ½ years. I kept my apartment clean, and paid my rent on time. Upon moving out I got back 1000$ of my 2250$ deposit. I left the place in as good of shape as I found it. I would be super careful with them on your lease agreement,

Experienced in mold decontamination and prevention. Educational tips on mold and how to prevent it. Completed and decontaminated project thoroughly and quickly. Advanced earth friendly products and services from start to finish. Friendly and very patient with customers requests. Fast

My husband called this Property Management Company to find out about a rental they had listed. The message says they'll return calls within 24 hours. After a day and a half passed, we called again with no reply. Knowing we have a family member moving from out of State who needed a place

Before I begin, let me give you the TL;DR. --You SHOULD NOT, under any circumstances, consider living here! -- Pros - You will most likely get an apartment that no one has ever lived in before. Cons - You may not get the apartment you selected. Our selected apartment was switched

Froerer Property Management was the company we hired July 2014 to manage our South Ogden single family home. I can commend this company for getting the house rented within a week of hiring them; however, they put slobs in our house who would not take their trash out to the curb for weeks and

Neil is extremely rude and unprofessional.

I'm disappointed with how they will make bills for the property Owner. They should ask before making decisions on your property. Since they don't have a maintenance staff employed with the company. They will call any service company without consideration to the cost to repair every issue

Do not go to these people for any property management needs. Celtic lies about costs and timetables. The manager, Tim, lies to subcontractors and owners about communication between the two. I owned two buildings that they "managed" and within six months I had to foreclose. They did not acquire

I owned a building in Cinti and for a time had Chris Deselms manage it. All I can say is stay away from this company. What more information, go to the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website and search under his name, Paramount, etc.

The owner is hands on and takes great care of your tenants. She is dedicated and a good multi-task person. Very good knowledge of the area and understands Section 8 tenant and government regulations. Works well with out of state landlords. Monthly statements are not consistent is my only complaint.

They don't follow instructions of the owner. They do not handle tenants properly. They don't return phone calls. They overcharge for everything. They take a huge amount of money for themselves on top of any repairs. I was charged for the same repair twice. When I talked to the property manager

This company is very unprofessional. If you have to deal with Eric, expect a complete lack of integrity. He missed several appointments, claimed to have called me repeatedly to reschedule, and then blamed me for the resulting mess. They seem to do as little as possible to take care of your

This is perhaps the most incompetent company I have ever encountered. They filed fraudulent liens over my neighbor and me over purportedly unpaid association dues. They had never notified us, they filed under a nonexistent statute - the illegalities kept adding up. I proved [using my closing

Best Property Managers in town! Glad to have them on my team!

I have used Chapman for several years and they are spot on in managing my units. I have used other companies in the area and they just do not compare. They make it so easy to be an owner. PJ and his team are top notch!

Star Realty, Inc. Has been nothing but helpful and professional in taking care of our homes. I have known Mark for many years and his staff has really taken care of us.

Been taking care of my rental home for the last four years and have never missed a beat and have done nothing but make this a wonderful investment experience.

I hired Merill Greenberg (doing business as Capital Asset Management) to manage a rental property I owned. In February of this year (2012), I became unhappy with the way he was doing things and replaced him with a new manager. I asked him to return money, the tenants had given him for rent

Hard working people I trust with my property.

Soniat has done a good job in managing my portfolio of property and keeping me informed of maintenance needs.

Very happy living in a Managed home of theirs. They really make me feel important.

High Country Home Concierge did a great job helping my family find the perfect rental home for our Winter vacation. They helped us do all the planning for a wonderful trip. Thank you!!

Very happy with the RNB team. They were knowledgeable and courteous and made me feel like they had my best interest in mind. I will continue to recommend them to family and friends.

It's all professional happy time until you sign the lease. Then you're nothing but a source of cash for them. You have to send emails because they will not answer or return calls. Terrible service. I wish I had a voice recorder for the not so subtle veiled threat that they will scrutinize the


I would not recommend doing business with the Llewellyn group. I found them to be deceptive, dishonest, and disrespectful when confronted on their actions. There are many other reputable real estate companies to do business with in Fort Worth. Don't say you weren't warned.

During the eight years that I have been using Penmar Management to manage my properties, they have never disappointed me. I get my reports on time from their website even though I could have them mailed to me. Vacancies are rented quickly to great tenants, their prices for their services are

I have tried several times to contact this company. I keep getting a receptionist who refers me to another number to schedule a showing. I have left several voicemails for that person to whom I was referred, and have called back the receptionist several times to inquire if either place had

I shopped around all over Portland for Storage, this is by far the nicest place in town! It's so new and clean, it smells fresh! The staff are so friendly, it was a great experience all around! I tell all my friends.

Answering service never reached an agent after 5 minutes.

What a terrible person and company to deal with. As an owner she is collecting rent from my tenant and not forwarding to my account. She is never in her office has no staff and no accountability. I am not the only person she had defrauded.

Our condominium has hired this company in 2004 and really turned the property around towards the positive. They are very good about returning phone calls when I have had any questions. I see the manager on site at a minimum of once per week.

I was given a notice of a late fee today (Saturday) for failure to pay a fee from last month even tough I payed the rent 2 days ago and no mention was made of a fee. I went directly to their office with the intent to pay the fee only to discover they are not open for business or Saturdays.

Awful customer service, never available, expensive, bad with money, argumentative.

This company gives a whole new meaning to SLUMLORD!! Especially in the Midwest where you would think this wouldn’t be an issue. Their management is rude and disrespectful and has no care for the tenants. Point in case when I called the company to fix the black mold at my daughters’ house among

Stay away from this company!

PPM four cornerstones of Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, and Loyalty is not what they really represent. Honesty -- They have lied about my prior tenants money owed to be being in collections or with a certain collection agency. Not sure what is the truth with this. Integrity -- They allowed

Steer clear from this management company. They are rude, unprofessional, unfair, unreliable, unresponsive, inconsistent and just down right a pain to deal with. No matter how good their rental property looks, no matter how good their pitch is to you regarding managing your property DON'T DO

The best Roofing contractor, they are on time and they are the one to trust 100 %. Happy with the work that was done by Claudio Mozzarella.

This is the most unprofessional mgt co around with a flare for using uninsured, non license contractors to do maintence work on Condos on a time/material basis....goes over budget on many projects as well as preparing phony/low/unrealistic budgets for board approvals. MASTER of BS and a money

I really liked working with these people to find my home. At first they didnt have exactly what I wanted and asked me to fill out a "stay informed request" which I did. They actually called me when they found something and that is the home that I am in today. Really good follow through.

Poor managers and worst communication skills. Our manager was worse when the person received certification. They must receive credit like the cops for the number of work orders they produce and over charge the association for. And when they can't do that they overcharge the homeowner with

Don't do business with this company.

What a terrible company to deal with. Having first real issues with maintenance and will now be proceeding to court to get our money back. I work with most agencies here in town and should have listened to others advice before renting this house. This rental house is in foreclosure and they

Great neighborhoods very close to the beach with white sands. Very clean and roomy homes with all the needs of home including nice TV, internet, radio, microwave, stove, dishwasher, all nice appliances. We loved our month we stayed there with my son who got married on Bonita Beach. The

I've have been using RPM East Bay South for several months and I am very satisfied with their service and fees. They have been very professional and flexible. I was very happy with how fast they were able to get tenants for my property which releived me a great deal seeing as how I am still